Product holding point of movable hydraulic truck dumper

Product features of movable hydraulic flap:

     1. Combining the hydraulic flap with the function of the special semi-trailer chassis;

     2. The mobile chassis has folding hydraulic ladders and telescopic hydraulic outriggers, which are convenient for trucks to drive in;

     3. The equipment can be pulled to the area that needs to be unloaded by a tractor, without the need to build a foundation, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes, which greatly saves user costs;

     4. The matching discharge hopper and electric gate effectively meet the needs of users and are widely applicable;

     5. The hydraulic pipeline is connected by ferrule-type joints, which reduces oil leakage, avoids polluting raw materials, and protects the environment;

     6. The lifting cylinder adopts imported hydraulic cylinders. The synchronous action of the platform is realized through symmetrical layout of pipelines and manual adjustment of flow control valves. The system has strong anti-pollution ability, stable and reliable performance.


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