Introduction to the functions and characteristics of the hydraulic truck dumper

Functions and features of the hydraulic flap unloader:

     1. The lifting hydraulic pressure is placed on one side of the steel platform. The lifting weight range is 80-200 tons, and the size is about 20 meters long. The main hydraulic cylinder adopts a single-stage hydraulic cylinder, and the sealing ring is used for stable performance, not easy to leak, and convenient and quick after-sales maintenance.

     2. There is a retaining wheel mechanism and a material guide plate on the discharge side, so that the bulk materials will not accumulate on the platform.

     3. The platform hinge support shaft head adopts a unique design method of special alloy material, which contains graphite self-lubrication, flexible rotation, reliable strength, and reduces the tediousness of frequent lubricating oil.

     4. The hydraulic system has been tested and proved to have stable performance and no oil leakage in long-term operation.

     5. Adopt unique synchronous control technology, including automatic deviation correction control system, to ensure high-precision synchronous operation of two hydraulic cylinders, and the error is controlled within 20mm.

     6. The main control cabinet of the hydraulic flap unloader is a console structure, and the standard configuration is a carbon steel spray box, a programmable controller touch screen, a remote control, etc., and it is convenient to switch between different operation modes.