Movable hydraulic truck dumper


With the continuous development of material transportation at home and abroad, major enterprises have continuously put forward higher requirements for the loading and unloading level of materials, so as to cope with the increasing labor costs and the higher requirements of enterprises for economic benefits, safety and environmental protection, and corporate image. Require. Shandong NewPre Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. gives full play to its advantages in mechanical manufacturing, hydraulic research and electric control design, carefully summarizes the technical characteristics of similar products at home and abroad, and combines its many years of practical experience in manufacturing and on-site service to develop The high-quality PRE-XTQ multi-series hydraulic flap unloader has the characteristics of safety, reliability, easy operation, and greatly improved unloading efficiency. It is widely used in grain and oil storage, port logistics, papermaking, chemical industry, building materials, coal, etc. Industry, has been praised and praised by the majority of users.


Product Usage:

The movable hydraulic truck dumper is mainly used in the occasion of multi-point unloading of bulk trucks. It is mainly suitable for units and departments that have bulk material receiving operations such as grain, oil, food, coal, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, and ports.



1. Combining the hydraulic flap with the chassis function of special vehicles;

2. The mobile chassis has telescopic hydraulic outriggers, which are convenient for moving and driving in by trucks;

3. The equipment can be pulled to the area that needs to be unloaded by a tractor, without the need to build a foundation, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes, which greatly saves user costs;

4. The matching discharge funnel effectively meets the needs of users and is widely applicable.

5. The hydraulic pipeline is connected by ferrule joints, which reduces oil leakage, avoids polluting raw materials, and protects the environment.

6. The lifting cylinder adopts imported hydraulic cylinders. The synchronous action of the platform is realized through symmetrical layout of pipelines and manual adjustment of flow control valves. The system has strong anti-pollution ability, stable and reliable performance.


Technical Parameters:

Product numberTable size (length x width)Maximum Lifting WeightMaximum Lifting Anglestructure formation
PRE-XTQM6016×3(m) / 18×3(m)60t45°removable
PRE-XTQM8016×3(m) / 18×3(m)80t45°removable

Safety assurance measures:

1. The hydraulic control system is designed with an emergency manual fall function. When the system is unexpectedly powered off, the hydraulic flap will stop working and stay in the current state. Using the manual playback function, the hydraulic flap will slowly drop to the initial position, ensuring the safety of personnel, equipment, and vehicles; the explosion-proof valve is used at the bottom of the oil cylinder to prevent accidents caused by oil pipe bursting.

2. The wheel stopper adopts a fixed type, which is more reliable and safe.

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