Within every imaginable industry, at some point in their supply chains, it is likely that dry bulk materials have made their mark. Global economies are founded on the flow of goods, and 90 percent of trade is carried by sea, making the dry bulk market a true reflection of the industrialized world. 

NewPre specializes in solutions that make dry bulk material handling efficient, safe, sustainable, and profitable. Our innovative range of equipment leads the market in handling and processing the wide variety of materials demanded by increasing industrialization, and infrastructure and population growth.

Our aim is to add value to each dry bulk material supply chain operation, enabling industries to sustainably achieve a competitive edge.


Dry bulk materials are often categorized as major or minor bulk. Major dry bulk cargo represents the majority traded by weight and includes iron ore, coal, grain, bauxite, alumina, and rock phosphate. Minor bulks, meanwhile, predominately cover agricultural commodities and mineral cargoes, including metal concentrates, cement, forest and steel products.

Increasing global populations are driving demand in the dry bulk sector, and we are ready to meet it.


PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRIES INNOVATE TO KEEP PACE. The current boom in e-commerce has driven a huge increase in the need for cardboard and carton board packaging, and with ever-more retail transitioning online, this trend has little chance of slowing down. NewPre truck Dumper is widely used in the unloading of raw materials in papermaking industry, which greatly improves the unloading efficiency of bulk wood chips and brings objective economic benefits for enterprises.


NEWPRE hydraulic tipping truck unloading machine, can be widely used in grain and oil crops storage and processing industry, such as wheat, corn, potato, soybean, cassava, palm, tomato and other bulk material unloading, can greatly improve the efficiency of on-site unloading, reduce labor costs, protect environmental health.


The world’s increasing population is driving the demand for food, infrastructure and energy, and efficient, environmentally sustainable systems are gaining ever greater importance.
One of the most critical roles of the global dry bulk sector is to secure the processing and handling of fuel for power generation; a continuous, reliable source of material is essential.
We have a strong global reputation for handling dry bulk fuels. Coal continues to play a major role, In the power plant, coal mine, coal deep processing industry, NewPre hydraulic tipping truck unloading machine is playing an important role, for users in the coal, coke, petroleum coke and other bulk materials unloading process, greatly improve the efficiency of the operation, bring objective economic benefits for customers, protect the environmental health, improve the field operators working environment.


With the rapid development of the world economy, the demand for aluminum oxide powder, lithium ore, iron ore powder and other metallurgical raw materials is expanding day by day. NEWPRE hydraulic flap plate can be widely used in nonferrous metallurgy, battery, steel and other industries to provide users with a more efficient and clean way of unloading bulk raw materials. For some enterprises with higher requirements on energy consumption, the hydraulic drive mode of servo motor and oil pump can be used. Compared with the traditional motor, the energy consumption can be effectively reduced by more than 40%.


Our hydraulic flip unloading machine can be widely used in grain, oil and food, metallurgy, chemical industry, paper making, garbage recycling and other industries, to provide customers with more choices for environmental protection and energy saving.

Users can also choose to use servo motor and servo hydraulic pump drive mode, to achieve the best state of saving energy consumption!